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Private tutors needed for all subjec...
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
United States
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FrogTutoring LLC
Job Description

All Frog Tutoring tutors will meet with assigned students to provide one-on-one private tutoring for subject matters in their areas of expertise. Tutors are to serve as a guide and coach to assist their students to become a successful, independent learner while integrating effective study and learning strategies to maximize the student’s potential for academic progress. Ultimately, it is the tutor’s responsibility to motivate students to want to learn, achieve, and be self-motivated.

Note: This job recommends all tutors to have a reliable mode of transportation. Tutors are expected to meet with students at a location agreed upon between the student and the company. In most cases, this will be the student’s home. Depending on the distance, some mileage may be compensated. We try to assign all tutors without a car, to clients in their general area, but this may limit the number of clients they are able to work with.

Why Work For Frog Tutoring?
i. Flexibility
1. Tutors will choose which grade levels and subjects to tutor.
2. Tutors will create their own work schedule.
3. As long as tutors work the minimum amount of hours a week, they can work as many hours as they like.
ii. Driving Compensation Depending on the distance, tutors will be compensated for driving over a certain mileage.
iii. Bonuses Tutors who constantly receive high tutor rankings will be eligible for periodic bonuses.
iv. Incentives
Job Details


Salary Range:
$25 to $30
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Years of Experience:
Career Level:
Education Level:
Work Authorization for USA:
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